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Special Events Timetable for 2020

Date Topic Academic Coordinator  Presenter Commentator Moderator
03 Jan 2020 A meta-analysis combining parallel and cross-over randomized controlled trials to assess impact of iodine fortified foods on urinary iodine concentration among children Assoc.Prof.Atiporn Krongkaew Chanika Putsarat
17-Jan-20 How to Read Articles that Use Machine Learning Dr.Anuchate Parin Patratorn Wanchana
07-Feb-20 When continuous outcomes are measured using different scales: guide for meta-analysis and interpretation Assist.Prof.Pawin Putsarat Grace Visasiri
21-Feb-20   Assist.Prof.Sakda Dian Sagar Napaphat
06-Mar-20   Assist.Prof.Oraluck Patratorn Parin Sigit
20-Mar-20   Assist.Prof.Thunyarat Tanyaporn Dian Sawarat
03-Apr-20   Prof.Ammarin Grace Sharmila Suphakarn
17-Apr-20   Assoc.Prof.Atiporn Sagar Tanyaporn Alisa
01-May-20   Assist.Prof.Pawin Chanika Kasidin Lertkong
15-May-20   Assist.Prof.Sakda Sharmila Sawarat Chusak
05-Jun-20   Assoc.Prof.Sasivimol Kasidin Suphakarn Amarit
19-Jun-20   Assoc.Prof.Sasivimol Tunlanut Putsarat Sudarat
03-Jul-20   Dr.Ratchainant Panu Sigit Pongsathorn
17-Jul-20   Assist.Prof.Thunyarat Ronny Alisa Kamolpat
07-Aug-20   Assoc.Prof.Atiporn Kamolpat Chuenkamon Pokket
21-Aug-20   Assist.Prof.Pawin Narisa Lertkong Songporn
04-Sep-20   Assist.Prof.Sakda Passara Thitiya Threechada
18-Sep-20   Assist.Prof.Sasivimol Threechada Sudarat Panu
02-Oct-20   Assoc.Prof.Oraluck Wanchana Pongsathorn Narisa
16-Oct-20   Assist.Prof.Thunyarat Pokket Amarit Passara
06-Nov-20   Assoc.Prof.Atiporn Songporn Visasiri Chuenkamon
20-Nov-20   Prof.Ammarin Anan and Napaphat Workshop
Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics