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Evidence - Based Medicine for Medical Students




User's Guide to the Medical Literature, 3rd Edition by Gordon Guyatt

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RAID 408 Primary Care I

(4th Year Medical

Students) Resources:


Evidence - Based Medicine for 4th Year Medical Student Handout (PPT),  Article, and Scenario Worksheet

Evidence-Based Medicine for 4th Year Medical Student Searching & Diagnostic Study Lecture Video

Final Examination (Requires Individual Username/Password)



Electronic Resource:


Search Engines: PubMed (MESH Browser), Scopus*, Ovid*, Trip Database

Secondary Resources: UpToDate**, ClinicalKey*, BMJ Best Practice*, ACP Journal Club*, The Cochrane Library*

Other: Journal Citation Report (Impact Factor List)*

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RAID 433 Critical

Thinking in Medicine

(6th Year Medical

Students) Resources:


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Evidence - Based Medicine for 6th Year Medical Student Topic List and Slides

Final Examination (Requires Individual Username/Password)

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