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Paper for Journal Club

Date Topic Speaker Paper
05/06/2020 Calculating the sample size required for developing a clinical prediction model Tunlanut  Sapankaew
15/05/2020 Scoping review describes methods used to identify, prioritize and display gaps in health research Sharmira Shrestha
01/05/2020 Development of the summary of findings table for network meta-analysis Chanika Angsanuntsukh
17/04/2020 Addressing continuous data for participants excluded from trial analysis: a guide for systematic reviewers Sagar Tiwari
03/04/2020 A Systematic Review and Recommendation for Reporting of Surrogate Endpoint Evaluation Using Meta-analyses Grace Filbertine    
20/03/2020 Grey literature in systematic reviews: a cross-sectional study of the contribution of non-English reports, unpublished studies and dissertations to the results of metaanalyses in child-relevant reviews Tanyaporn Patathong    
06/03/2020 Machine learning algorithms for systematic review: reducing workload in a preclinical review of animal studies and reducing human screening error Patratorn Kunakorntham
21/02/2020 Defining the process to literature searching in systematic reviews: a literature review of guidance and supporting studies Dian Faradiba
07/02/2020 When continuous outcomes are measured using different scales: guide for meta-analysis and interpretation Putsarat Insin
17/01/2020 How to Read Articles that Use Machine Learning Parin Kittipongdaja
03/01/2020 A meta-analysis combining parallel and cross-over randomized controlled trials to assess impact of iodine fortified foods on urinary iodine concentration among children Krongkaew Klaewkasikum
18/10/2019 An Interpretable Rule-Based Diagnostic Classification of Diabetic nephropathy Among Type 2 Diabetes Patients Sigit Ari Saputro
04/10/2019 Relative Performance of Propensity Score Matching Strategies for Subgroup Analyses Lertkong Nitiwarangkul   
06/09/2019 Characteristics and methods of incorporating randomized and nonrandomized evidence in network meta-analyses: a scoping review Rasika Aukkarakornkul
16/08/2019 Survival Analysis in the Setting of Competing Risks Sqn.Ldr.Anan Chuasuwan   
02/08/2019 Using Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Determine Patient Risk in Oncology Pongsathorn Piebpien
19/07/2019 The number needed to treat in pairwise and network meta-analysis and its graphical representation Ronny Isnuwardana    
05/07/2019 Enrichment Design Dr. Suphakarn Techapongsatorn  
21/06/2019 Toward a comprehensive evidence map ofoverview of systematic review methods:paper 2—risk of bias assessment; synthesis, presentation and summary of the findings;and assessment of the certainty of the evidence Napaphat Poprom
07/06/2019 Rapid reviews may produce different results to systematic reviews: a meta-epidemiological study Ela Singh Rathaur
17/05/2019 GRADE approach to rate the certainty from a network meta-analysis:addressing incoherence Dr. Rujira Wattanayingcharoenchai
03/05/2019 Using Big Data to Emulate a Target Trial when a Randomized Trial is Not Available Dr. Chusak Limotai
19/04/2019 Use of Fractional Polynomials in Medical Research Dr. Philip Etabee Macdonald Bassey  
05/04/2019 Lung tumor segmentation algorithm Mr. Ganesh Shah
15/03/2019 Predictive distributions were developed for the extent of heterogeneity in meta-analyses of continuous outcome data Dr. Sanjeev Man Bijukchhe
01/03/2019 Methods to systematically review and meta-analyse observational studies: a systematic scoping review of recommendations Miss Litha Purwanti 
15/02/2019 Image processing and recognition for biological images Mr. Amit Kumar Ghosh
01/02/2019 What mediation analysis can (not) do Dr. Sawarat Chaijindaratana
18/01/2019 Natural Language Processing in Radiology: A Systematic Review Miss Khushbu Gupta
04/01/2019 Meta-epidemiologic analysis indicates that MEDLINE searches are sufficient for diagnostic test accuracy systematic reviews Miss Swekshya Karmacharya
02/11/2018 How to deal with missing data in scientific research? Dr. Alisa Seangleulur
19/10/2018 Network meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies identifies and ranks the optimal diagnostic tests and thresholds for healthcare policy and decision-making Dr. Sudarat Eursiriwan
05/10/2018 White Paper on Artificial Intelligence in Radiology By Canadian Association of Radiologists

Miss Khushbu Gupta

21/09/2018 Three risk of bias tools lead to opposite conclusions in observational Dr. Sunisa Roahanavibhata
07/09/2018 External validation of clinical prediction models using big datasets from e-health records or IPD meta-analysis: opportunities and challenges Mr. Sigit Ari Saputro
17/08/2018 Big Data for Health Mr. Pongsathorn Piebpien
03/08/2018 How to estimate cost-effectiveness acceptability curves, confidence ellipses and incremental net benefits alongside randomised controlled trials Dr. Visasiri Tantrakul
17/04/2017 GRADE Approah for rating the quality of treatment effect estimates from network meta-analysis Dr . Teeraya Puavilai  
17/03/2017 Network meta-analysis incorporating randomized controlled trials and nonrandomized comparative cohort studies for assessing the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments: challenges and opportunities Dr. Win Khaing   
22/02/2017 Epidemiologic methods in the study of sudden cardiac death Professor Ross Simpson
17/02/2017 Prognosis research strategy (PROGRESS) 4: Stratifiedmedicine research Dr. Sai Ko Ko Zaw
20/01/2017 Composite Endpoints for Competing Risks Dr. Chuenkamon Charakorn
18/11/2016 Special Conference ‘Pitfalls in Clinical Epidemiology: from Study to Thesis’ Dr.Bunyarit Sukrat,
Dr.Chumpon Wilasrusmee
21/10/2016 Causal Inference in Randomized Clinical Trials : When trials don’t turn out the way you planned Dr. Pawin Numthavaj
16/09/2016 Propensity Score Estimation Dr. Visasiri Tantrakul
15/07/2016 Subjective and objective outcomes in randomized clinical trials: definitions differed in methods publications and were often absent from trial reports Dr. Nanticha Kamanamool
17/06/2016 Evidence-Based Prescribing Combining Network Meta-Analysis With Multicriteria Decision Analysis to Choose Among Multiple Drugs Dr. Sudarat Eursiriwan  
13/05/2016 Critical Appraisal of Network Meta-analysis Dr. Win Khaing
22/04/2016 GetReal in network meta-analysis: a review of the methodology Dr. Teeranan Angkananard
18/03/2016 Frailty Models Dr. Kachin Wattanawong
19/02/2016 Factors influencing recruitment to research: qualitative study of the experiences and perceptions of research teams Miss Threechada Boonchan
15/01/2016 How to develop a more accurate risk prediction model when there are few events Dr. Pawin Numthavaj
20/11/2015 Instrumental variables  exploit natural variation in nonexperimental data to estimate causual relationships Dr. Pongsakorn Atisawedparit  
16/10/2015 Prognosis Research Strategy 3: Prognostic Model Research Dr. Boonying Siribumrungwong
18/09/2015 Imputation of Missing Data
Dr. Phisitt Vejakama,
Dr. Thunyarat Anothaisinthawee,
Dr. Bunyarit Sukrat
21/08/2015 Incorporating alternative design clinical trials in network meta-analyses Dr. Jatupon Kongtharvonskul
17/07/2015 External validation of a Cox prognostic model: Principles and Methods Dr. Attawood Lertpimonchai
19/06/2015 Balanced Incomplete Block design is unsuitable for the evaluation of complex interventions Dr. Nakarin Sansanayudh
15/05/2015 Systematic Review Automation Technologies Dr. Orawee Chinthakanan
24/04/2015 You are how you recruit: a cohort and randomized controlled trial of recruitment strategies Dr. Ibrahim Afzal
20/03/2015 Ottawa Statement: Ethical Design and Conduct of ClusterRandomised Trials: précis for researchers and research ethics committees Dr. Phisitt Vejakama
20/02/2015 Using multiple imputation to deal with missing data and attrition in longitudinal studies with repeated measures of patient-reported outcomes Dr. Nanticha Kamanamool
16/01/2015 Systematic Overview: Various approaches to   investigate and report on sources of heterogeneity in systematic reviews of diagnostic studies Dr. Jatupon Kongthavonsakul










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