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Special Events Timetable for 2020

Timetable  CEB Calendar 2020

Journal Club 6 November 2020

The Magic of Randomization versus The Myth of Real-World Evidence

Journal Club 16 October 2020

Alternative Approaches for Confounding Adjustment in Observational Studies Using Weighting Based on Th...

Shuttle Bus Timetable

Shuttle Bus Timetable from Rama Hospital - Sukho Place 

Journal Club 2 October 2020

Prediction of premature all-cause mortality: A prospective general population cohort study comparing m...

Grand Opening

Retirement Ceremony and Grand Opening Ceremony

Graduation Celebration 2020

Graduation Celebration 2020 for PH.D. and M.SC. Students

Journal Club 11 September 2020

An overview of statistical methods for handling nonadherence to intervention protocol in randomized co...

Journal Club 18 September 2020

Registry-Based Randomized Controlled Trials- What are the advantages, challenges, and areas for future...

Journal Club 21 August 2020

Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Research: Introducing the E - Value

Journal Club 7 August 2020

Comparison of Propensity Score Methods and Covariate Adjustment

Welcome and Orientation 2020

Welcome and Orientation for 2020 Ph.D. and M.Sc. Students 


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