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Welcome Professor Keiichi Akita, TMDU, Japan, for being the Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholar in Clinical Anatomy at Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, during August 19 – November 3, 2019.

The First Thailand-Taiwan Forum on Medical Science and Technology

October 2-3, 2018 at the Meeting Room on the 7th floor of Somdetch Phra Debaratana Building.

Dean dinner with honorable guests from Japan

at Hua-Chang Heritage Hotel, Bangkok.

Pre-Conference Day 2018 Platelet and Diseases

On 5 August 2018, at Conference Room No.910 B-C, Medical Learning Resource Center and Ramathibodi School of Nursing Building, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital.

International Conference to Celebration the 7th Anniversary of Ramathibodi’s PPM: Clinical Pharmacogenomics meeting

On 3 August 2018, at Lecture room no. 624, 2nd Floor, Lecture Hall, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University.

The 31st Kalyanakit Kitiyakara Honorary Lecture

"Challenge, Clue, and Reality of Totally Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery" by Patrick Perier, M.D., Cardiovascular Center Bad Neustadt, Germany. November, 28, 2017.

Welcome Prof. Philippe B. Macaire visiting scholar from DUBAI.

Prof. Philippe B. Macaire will stay during November 21 - December 10, 2016 at Department of Anesthesiology.

KOICA Joint training program

On  June 23, 2016 at 518, 5th  floor Medical Learning Resource Center and Ramathibodi School of Nursing Building.

Cardio-Vascular Disease Risk Scoring App for Thai

The app was a product of a more-than-20-years large-scale Cohort research project on EGAT Employees. It is a kind of from-research-to-routine knowledge.

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Study

It is a true longitudinal cohort study on cardiovascular diseases. Systematically and repeatedly, data and outcomes have been collected from medical records.