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The 2019 Franco-Thai Scholarship Program is now launched !


The Franco–Thai Scholarship Program aims to support Thai students under the age of 35 who intend to study in French universities or Higher Education Institutions, at Master's degree or PhD level.

    This call for applications is open to all fields of studies.

    • Launch of the 2019 Franco-Thai Scholarship Program: October 2018
    • Preparation workshops by Campus France: Early 2019
    • Deadline for online submission: February 19th, 2019
    • Interview of the shortlisted candidates: March 2019
    • Publication of the final list of recipients: July 2019
    • Departure to France: Early September 2019


    Scholarship laureates will be contacted individually. Final results will be published online on the Franco-Thai Scholarship Program website by July 2019. Committee’s deliberations are beyond dispute.


    หรือสอบถามไปยัง Campus France Thailand โทร 02-627-2160 หรือ Email :

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