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Foreigner who wish to come into the Kingdom as student or teacher must hold a valid passport of travelling document with a visa from the Thai embassy or consulate in his/her country of origin. The procedures are:

Applying for a Visa from Abroad


1. Non-Immigrant Visa "ED" (Education)

This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to study, attend seminar, training session, or internship in Thailand.



The validity of a visa is 3 months.


Holder of this type of visa is entitled to stay in Thailand for a maximum period of 90 days.  He or she may apply for an extension of stay at the Office of the Immigration Bureau and may be granted such extension for a period of one year from the date of first entry into Thailand.


  • Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months
  • Visa application form completely filled out
  • Recent (4 x 6 cm.) photograph of the applicant
  • Recommendation letter addressed to the Consulate
  • Letter of acceptance from the concerned academic institute/organisation
  • Academic record and the Student ID (if currently studying)
  • For those wishing to attend seminar, or training session, or internship,  a recommendation letter from the concerned organisation addressed to the Consulate is also required
  • Consular officers reserve the rights to request additional documents as deemed necessary



Place to contact:

For the Central/Bangkok Area: 

Section 3, Sub-division 1, 

Immigration Division 1, 
1st Floor, Old Building, 
Immigration Bureau, Soi Suan Plu, 
South Sathorn Road, 
Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120

Tel. 02-287-3101-10 Ext. 2274

For the Provincial Areas: 
Contact any Immigration check-point
throughout the country.









For more detailed information, pamphlets and application forms, please contact 
Section 1, Sub-division 1, Immigration Division 1, Room 301, 
3rd Floor, Old Building, Immigration Bureau, 
Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120.

Tel. 02-287-3117 or 02-287-3101-10 Ext. 2234-5








    Procedures for Lost Passport

    A foreigner whose passport is either lost or stolen after entering the Kingdom must do the following:


    1. A report must be filed at the local police station in the area where the passport was lost or stolen.

    2. Bring the police report to your embassy or consulate and apply for a new passport or substitute document. If there is no embassy or consulate in Thailand, please contact the Passport Division of     the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    3. Bring your new passport or substitute document to the Immigration Bureau to have your visa re-stamped at Section 4 (Record&Statistics), Sub-division 4, Immigration Bureau, room 311, 3rd             Floor, Old Building, Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120 Tel. 02-287-3911 or 02-287-3101 -10 Ext. 2244, along with the following:

    • passport or substitute document
    • the report from a police station
    • a document from the Embassy or consulate certifying the new passport (if any)

    Reporting of Alien's Residence

    The Immigration Bureau must be informed when a foreigner resides with or rents the property of a Thai citizen.

    Place to contact:

    For the Central/Bangkok Area: 
    Section 4 (Record & Statistics), 
    Sub-division 4,
    Immigration Bureau, Room 311,
    3rd Floor, Old Building,
    Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, 
    Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120

    Tel. 02-287-3911 or 02-287-3101-10 
    Ext. 2244

    For the Provincial Areas: 
    The owner of the house must inform
    the Immigration Office or if not available,
    the local police station.










    Reporting Procedures:

    • 1. Authorities must be informed within 24 hours of the alien's occupancy. 2. The above procedures may be done by mail. 3. All foreigners who will stay in Thailand longer than 90 days must complete the following requirements:
      • Report to the Immigration Bureau in person to register your address. If you have stayed longer than 90 days without registering. you will need to report and pay a fine as described below. If you have not stayed longer than 90 days, you may designate an appointee to register for you. Required materials are your passport and the TM. 47 Application Form.
      • Report your address every 90 days thereafter to the Immigration Bureau which can be done by an appointee.
      • If you have stayed in Thailand over 90 days without registering you should report to the Immigration Bureau to register. The current fine for voluntarily reporting after the 90 days limit is 2,000 baht.