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Visit Kanagawa's Healthcare New Frontier

On May 25, 2018

Professor Sirintara Singhara na Ayudhaya, Deputy Dean for International Relations, had successfully collaborated with Mr.Ryoji Noritake, President of Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) for bringing the group of "The Certificate Course in Good Governance for Medical Executives, under the collaboration of King Prajadhipok's Institute and The Medical Council of Thailand, Class 6th" for the academic site visit at (Tokyo Science Center) and Tonomachi Life Innovation Center in order to explore the "Healthcare New Frontier Project" which is the cutting edge mega-project supported by Kanagawa Prefecture Government, to cope with Japan's Aging Society.

Healthcare New Frontier (HCNF) is a group of new policies developed by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government (hereinafter called Kanagawa) with many big industrial companies. The purpose is to make everybody live a long and healthy life in spite of the severe social changes resulting from the advent of the super-aged society.

The two major tracks of the project are 
1. To support Advance Medical technologies which has been promoted by Kanagawa Prefecture to quickly turn the results of the basic research into medicine, medical equipment, and regenerative medical products for practical application and industry.
2. To promote the concept of "Me-Byo" (which means pre-disease in Japanese), the state in-between healthy and sickness, and ME-BYO applies to all conditions between being “healthy” and “sick.”

With warm welcome and enthusiasm hospitality from the HGPI, the academic site visit received the great response from all visitors, both medical and non medical executives and expected that would lead for the benefit of the country in the near future.