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Ramathibodi School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Hygiene was founded on July 27, 1965 as part of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University. The initial curriculum was drawn up with expert advice in nursing education from the United States and sponsorship from the Rockefeller Center, giving the school a head start in providing the most modern nursing education in the Asian region.


Today, Ramathibodi’s curriculum is based on a Unification Model that combines the educational, research, and service aspects of nursing to create a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience. Courses are taught with a strong emphasis on hands-on study and are led by highly qualified professors with years of clinical experience. We keep our classrooms small with a low student-to-professor ratio of 8:1 so that professors can afford to devote time and attention to each individual student.


            Ramathibodi School of Nursing is dedicated to people and health care development through teaching, and research. It also accepts responsibilities for providing assistance to the regional, national as well as international communities in those areas.


            Ramathibodi School of Nursing is located on two places. The original building at Phayathai, Bangkok serves for the third and fourth year undergraduate nursing students who study theory and have clinical practices at Ramathibodi Hospital including the master students who also have clinical practices at Ramathibodi Hospital. The second building with good scenery is at Salaya, Nakorn Pratom Province which is about a 40-minute drive from Bangkok. This second building is served for the first and second year undergraduate nursing students who mostly study basic science and fundamental nursing, including the master and doctoral nursing students who take nursing theory courses.


            Ramathibodi School of Nursing is the leader of nursing education, research and academic activity in the Asian region and serves as a light to direct the nation’s health.


           The integration of nursing education, research, and academic activity is an important factor leading to excellence in producing good quality nursing students, producing nursing research, and providing a good quality of academic affairs, which give the greatest benefits for human beings.

Symbol of Ramathibodi School of Nursing
English name: Orange Jessamine (Murraya paniculata)
Thai Name: Kaew flower

            The Ramathibodi School of Nursing is responsible for the following missions: nursing education, research, service covering academic affairs and nursing service through faculty practice, nursing student affairs, preserving Thai culture affairs and health promotion, and international relations.