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Master of Nursing International Program

Master of Nursing Science Program (International Program)

Program Title:

Master of Nursing Science Program (International Program)


Name of the Degree:

Full name : Master of Nursing Science
Abbreviation : M.N.S


Responsible Unit:

Ramathibodi School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University


Education Information:

Ramathibodi School of Nursing, was founded on July 27, 1965 as part of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University. Mahidol University is a public university in Bangkok, Thailand, and was ranked Thailand’s No. 1 University in 2018 by the Asia-Pacific region 2018.

Ramathibodi School of Nursing is dedicated to people and health care development through teaching and research. It is also responsible for providing assistance to the regional, national as well as international communities. Ramathibodi School of Nursing is the leader of nursing education, research and academic activity in the Asian region and serves as a light to direct the nation’s health.

Nowadays, nursing students in higher education are characteristically different from those of the past generation. The millennial generation has characteristics unique to the digital era. Their life styles are related to technologies including cell-phones, computers, and Internet. Traditional teaching such as giving lectures in a big room with lot of students may not be suitable for the learning preferences of the millennial students.

Ramathibodi School of Nursing realized the perspective changes of the situation. The program provides the Hybrid Education Model to better fit with student’s lifestyle and socioeconomic conditions today. The Hybrid program in Master of Nursing Science (International Program) was established and launched in 2014. The Hybrid Education Model can be defined as a combination of traditional classroom (face-to-face) and Internet based instruction. The main objective of our hybrid program is to combine the most effective instructional aspects of the traditional classroom with the best features of online classes either synchronous or asynchronous communication. Therefore, “Hybrid Education Model” will be an alternative curriculum for higher nursing education.

The Hybrid program in Master of Nursing Science (International Program) designed the curriculum based on the combination of education, research and service aspect of nursing to create a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience. Courses are taught with an emphasis on clinical nursing practice and nursing research by highly qualified faculties with years of clinical experience. In addition, we provide the opportunities of cultural exchange and field trip in Thailand and abroad.


Program Curriculum:

A length of program: 2 years full-time

The course requires a total of 38 credit hours including

Core Course 11 Credits
Required Course 12 Credits
Elective no less than 3 Credits
Core Course 12 Credits
Total 38 Credits

Schedule for Full-Time Study:

Year 1 Semester 1 (12 Credit Hours) Semester 2 (14 Credit Hours)
RANS 701 Applied Statistics in Nursing Research
RANS 702 Concepts and Theories in Nursing
RANS 705 Health Care Policy and Leadership
RANS 711 Integrated Health Science in Nursing
RANS 728 Elective course
RANS 703 Issues and Trends in Global Health
RANS 706 Research Methodology in Nursing and the Use of Evidence Based Practice
RANS 716 Integrated Nursing Concepts in Advanced Nursing
RANS 698 Thesis
Year 2 Semester 1 (6 Credit Hours) Semester 2 (6 Credit Hours)
RANS 718 Practicum in Advanced Nursing II
RANS 698 Thesis
RANS 698 Thesis

Objectives: After completing the curriculum, learners will be able to:

1. Perform the roles of effective nursing scholars, leaders, clinicians, or nurse researchers with sympathy, morality, ethics and good attitudes.

2. Perform nursing practices and research to improve the quality of nursing care in terms of health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation, and continuing care from hospital to community with variety of cultural considerations.

3. Integrate knowledge of nursing science, evidence based practice, cultural diversity and related sciences to improve the quality of nursing care in their own countries.

4. Effectively communicate and collaboratively work with clients, families, communities, and health care team.


Time to Apply for Admission:

Admission Schedule Academic Year 2021


Program Code


- Online Application: December, 2020- April 30, 2021

- Consideration period: According to the program (November-May)

- Announcement of Application Result: at the end of each month (November-May)

- New Student Check-In: June 1-7, 2021

- Semester Starts: August 2021


Entry Requirements: A candidate must

1. Graduate Bachelor’s degree in nursing

2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale

3. Have at least one year working experience as a professional nurse/nurse instructor after completion of undergraduate study

4. Hold a valid registered nurse license in his/her own country

5. Have score at least 64 on TOEFL-IBT, at least 5.5 on IELTS (Academic) or at least 70 on MU GRAD Plus

6. Have a good communication in English


Apply Now:

Online Admission System (for foreigner)

Online Admission-Thai system (for Thai)


Contact Us:

Lect. Dr. Jiraporn Lininger

Program Director, Master of Nursing Science (International Program)

Tel: 02-201 2895


Assistant Professor Dr. Sirirat Leelacharas

Program Assistant, Master of Nursing Science (International Program)

Tel: 02-201 0693


Miss Tucksaon Wongtongkum

Program Educator, Master of Nursing Science (International Program)

Tel: 02-201 0638