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Enrichment Design

Toward a comprehensive evidence map ofoverview of systematic review methods:paper 2—risk of bias assessment; synthesis, presentation and summary of the findings;and assessment of the certainty of the evidence

Rapid reviews may produce different results to systematic reviews: a meta-epidemiological study

GRADE approach to rate the certainty from a network meta-analysis:addressing incoherence

Using Big Data to Emulate a Target Trial when a Randomized Trial is Not Available

Use of Fractional Polynomials in Medical Research

Lung tumor segmentation algorithm

Predictive distributions were developed for the extent of heterogeneity in meta-analyses of continuous outcome data

Methods to systematically review and meta-analyse observational studies: a systematic scoping review of recommendations

Image processing and recognition for biological images

What Mediation Analysis can (not) do

Natural Language Processing in Radiology: A Systematic Review


Section for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics